The Ancient Healing Space for Today

The ancient Himalayan yogis are completely connected to their body, its sacredness and divinity. This further supported them to connect in a deeper way to the planet and the whole of the universe, Empowering and Enabling them to live a fulfilling complete life.

This life science of becoming sacred and divine in you, experiencing your deeper self, enabling you to add sacredness to every aspect of your life, is Samvahan Vidya.


Mahavtar Babaji Tantra Vidya

Is the advance level of Samvahan Vidya…that transforms you to the ancient you,empowering every aspect of your body and life. Transforming the whole of you as divine god and goddess.

The whole body and your organs of reproduction is not limited to its biological and sexual function, by the grace and presence of the masters and the vidya it will open its sacredness , beyond the understanding of mind…that will be experienced by the whole of you and your body…making you realize by your own experience…


Sacred Transformation

We bring the ancient, for today, in a simple, deep and profound transformation.

Transformation that is simply making you your best sacred,
divine, evolution, is Sacred Samvahan.

Sacred Samvahan will support your journey of empowerment in your body and your life, as a whole, complete experience.


About me

My journey in Samvahan Vidya, started with a dream, that guided me to reach Ganeshpuri. Bhagwan Nityananda took over my life from there. In his divine presence, I was guided to Samvahan Vidya and the masters of ancient lineage.

This journey lead me to travel the world and meet Michael Trembath. In his presence, I realised my spiritual journey that begun with Bhagwan Nityanand was of Samvahan Vidya. He inspired me to completely live in Samvahan Vidya and dedicate my self to it.

- Bhupender B. Sanil  |  Founder & Medium


Our Mission

Empowering humanity with our various program of Mahavtar Babaji and Cosmic Mother’s ancient science of Samvahan Vidya and Tantra Vidya.

Towards the experience of being one, becoming divine, sacred self,
inside this body.